I speak of interruptions today because our life is now on hold for time away from our things and our household. Most would enjoy this time like I am but others may not. This is my view of how our life has been like this last week.

What an interruption means to Sarah:
a break (too much sitting), a time to refocus, thinking outside the box, rethink future goals, work on tax documents, blog a little, and read a book in a day (which I never do) I read this book here..

What an interruption means to Reeghan and Paetan:
a time away from chores, freedom at Grandma’s house, late night’s because of Spring Break, day camp, and just plain old fun.

What an interruption means to Easton:
mommy hater, more curious, off schedule, grumpy, out of sync, terror, sadness, telling me “Mommy I wanna go home”, and just plain out of whack

I can’t speak for Trent but I guess it helps when we don’t have to pay rent for a couple of weeks.