More Move and Lake Perris

At the end of our moving experience we were invited by our friends to go camping/boating at Lake Perris. Which they didn’t even know we were even moving when they called to ask us to go. They called Thursday night while the 1st wave of moving was happening.

Trent was on the phone with them and told them he’d call them back after he talked with me about it. He thought I’d say no. But at this point I was exhausted and I also wanted to be spontaneous because of my busy week. I’ve neglected my children all week and felt awful. This was the perfect opportunity to unite our family once again after all the caos.

The second wave of moving happened Friday morning along with my “angels” otherwise know as my sisters from church who showed up and helped deep me clean the whole house in 4 hours! They were incredible and felt like they did so little but in my mind just this simple act of kindness went along way for me and meant so much to me.

I was reminded of the hymn “As Sisters in Zion” as I watched them throughout my home clean. The part when it says, “the errand of angels is given to women”, we as women have this within us to help one another as angels to fly in a moments notice, which happened the night before, to come help someone in need.

I have to thank my great friend, Shauna, for allowing me to say ok for help because she sent out the email and these women showed up! I have not only had cleaning help this week but also babysitting help from these great women in my life. I feel so blessed and my burden was made light.

Lake Perris

That evening we packed up once again for an overnight camp trip to Lake Perris with the Haws. We got to camp around 7 and setup and just let the kids run wild and they just enjoyed themselves. Then we lit up the campfire and did smores and then wound down and went into the tent.

It was a rough night of tossing and turning for me because we didn’t bring a pad for me to lay on. We don’t camp much at all so we need to create a punch list for our next one. It didn’t help that I was pregnant either but I woke up every hour turning for one side to the next but I actually slept ok and didn’t even have to get up to go to the bathroom.

The next day we got into the lake around 7:30am and just enjoyed our whole morning watching the boys wakeboard and Trent got up on the 4th time and did an amazing job. He made it look so easy. It was fun to watch him enjoy himself. Buddy just may have a new wakeboard partner because Trent wants to keep it up he had so much fun.

The children got onto the tubes and would have stayed on it all day long if they could. Paetan actually tried wakeboarding but only one run and got up for a bit and then crashed and it startled her so she didn’t want to pursue it anymore. Maybe another boat trip. I was so proud of her she was so brave and she is my weakest swimmer in the water I thought for sure she would never try. Reeghan didn’t even try and she is my strong swimmer.

Sara and I are both pregnant and are 4 days apart so we just enjoyed riding on the boat and enjoying the sun. We got a little too much sun though at the end of the day. We were so sun drained but it was so much fun and a great relaxing trip. Easton was quite the trooper and didn’t have any issues with him being stuck on a boat for 8 hours. Such a good boy!