M.O.M. Workshop

Hello Moms or Soon to Be Moms!

We are excited to announce a two part workshop where we will teach you how to use Mind Organization for Moms. What is Mind Organization for Moms? This is what April Perry, creator of this wonderful program, has to say about it:

Let me guess…you’re pretty stressed out sometimes. You have hundreds of things on your mind and dozens of balls in the air and even though you feel like you’re busy every minute, you can’t seem to make a dent in your “to do” list. Am I close?

Mothers are the busiest group of multi-taskers out there, and if anyone needs their minds organized, it’s us! We want to relax and enjoy our families, but is it possible to have a great time with our loved ones AND respond to all the pressing demands? Absolutely.

Although I can’t make “the madness” stop, I CAN teach you how to get your brain in order so that you will feel completely almost on top of your life once and for all. Sound like a plan?

Based on the best-selling book Getting Things DoneĀ®, by David Allen, I (April) have put together a simple, powerful program designed specifically for busy mothers. I’ve included mom-friendly instructions, photos, and checklists to support you every step of the way.

The first night we will introduce the program so you can walk away with a very real plan of how to get your brain organized. You will leave with the tools to collect and process your mind. The second night we will follow-up with you on your progress, answer any question that might have arisen, bounce ideas off each other, and share with one another what we did that worked (and even what didn’t work).

Before you come

For you to be most effective on your path to organization we are asking that you carve out some quiet time (no more then an hour) to write down everything on your brain. Here are some ideas of what might be on your list:

1. Tasks that need to be done right away (paying car registration before it expires on next week)
2. Things that need to eventually get done (like cleaning out a child’s closet)
3. Anything you want to do but really doesn’t need to be done (like crafting or reading a certain book for fun)
4. Traits you want to develop (learn a new language or become more patient)

Basically this list should cover anything and everything that you need/want to do, be, or become. We recommend starting this list right away and keeping it on hand. That way as more items come to your mind you can quickly get them out of your head. We will show you what to do with that list, at our first meeting.