So Cal Retreat Day Two

That morning I worked out all alone I invited some to come but I was all alone so I did my Insanity workout which that is another post for later. I then joined the walking/running group down to the beach and it was overcast and chilly but a very enjoyable walk/run.

We got started for the day with a yummy breakfast buffet and then off to the meeting room for more sessions. We started the day with Saren and Family Systems. I love these kind of topics because I just love “systems” and I love to plan them but its the implementing the plan part is where I seem to struggle a bit. I’ve got a similar system that I mentioned in my Day One section.

I do need to work a bit more on the money management side of the system so I’m anxiously to try handing out play money instead of real money and maybe incorporate some checks in there as well. I loved the idea of “The Chapman Family Bank” and to put it into my computer so that the children can visually see it.

She then went onto talking about Family Identity and us Chapman’s already got that ball rolling back here. Susan was asked to sing the song that her and her family made up and its just adorable and its sung with the same melody as “We are the Champions” and it goes a little something like this:

We are the Chapman’s my family,
and we’ll endure all things to the end.
Pray, Read and Temple that makes a Champion,
Chapman’s are Champions and we are the Chapman’s, Eternally!

I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve and a family wall that is still in the works so that post may be here sooner than later.

Another big hit was Susan’s session on “Love Languages” she did an incredible job because she knows the information so well and has analyzed and studied it for quite some time to prepare her for this. You could see her Passion in her face and she got us emotionally connected right at the beginning. I should learn a few things from her about presenting.

We took a test to see what love language we were and then we were split up into the 5 different languages and brainstormed ideas to help us improve and figure out what gets to us. It was a great session and alot of involvement. She also gave each of us a test to test our children too. Very eye opening and I’ve studied it the last 2 months and still find out more about my children, my husband and myself that I can do better at!

The finale then came to April and her Mind Organization which I already wrote about and this go round she video taped it. Which will do wonders hopefully to mothers to actually see her in action with her stuff she uses.

All four of us together we did it!

To conclude the retreat we did a trainer session afterwards with 3 other moms who want to get more involved. We brainstormed ideas and then went through the retreat that we just did and analyzed it and told them about how much we learned about this whole process. It was great to hear April and Saren’s view about where they want to take this great organization and I am so thankful to be apart of it.